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Celebrate Valentine's Day at Azafran!

Join us for an exclusive Chef's Tasting menu by our Executive Chef (and my love) Saurav Mehta.

Reservations Recommended.

About Azafran

Formerly known as Azitra.
Rishu and Chef Saurav managed Azitra for 7 years, and now they own it.

Azafran is the Urdu word for saffron, a bright orange-red, delicate and thread-like spice derived from the saffron crocus flower. Azafran has been used in dishes, sweets, sauces, and drinks across the Indian subcontinent for thousands of years. We are honored to continue weaving together culture, cuisine, and community with you, our Azafran family, with:

  • The best ingredients: The finest and freshest ingredients are at the heart of every dish. We never compromise on quality.

  • Vibrant flavors: Our chefs thoughtfully reimagine Indian classics for today’s discerning palate while honoring the traditions they grew up with.

  • Exceptional service: You are our top priority. Our attentive staff treat you like family, ensure your needs are met, and make your dining experience a memorable one.

BAR Menu

Our award-winning wine bar is beautiful and well-stocked for wine enthusiasts of all levels.

Food Menu

Classic, vegetarian, vegan & gluten-free Indian cuisine options available so everyone eats well.

Private Events & Chef Tasting

“I realized very early the power of food to evoke memory, to bring people together, to transport you to other places, and I wanted to be a part of that.”

It's the holiday season

Celebrate and create memories at Azafran.

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Everyone needs time off now and then.

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Monday 1/15/24