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Rishu and Saurav

Our wonderful Owners
Rishu and Saurav

We are passionate about providing Authentic Indian Food with great service. We don’t compromise.

More About Our Owners

Rishu Mehta
General manager | Wine Director

Rishu manages your dining experience. Rishu was born in India, where the food is as diverse as its millennia-old culture, and raised in Virginia where her father built his American dream with a family restaurant. After graduating from Georgia State University with a degree in Hospitality Management, Rishu moved to Colorado with her husband to manage Azitra Indian Cuisine for her uncle. After managing the restaurant for seven (7) years, n August 2021, Rishu and her husband Chef Saurav bought Azitra and rebranded to Azafran.

We have a huge passion and joy for serving Azafran’s guests, with whom we are so grateful to have made it through the COVID pandemic. This community gives us the strength to open a new chapter of success as Azafran.

Our guests are welcome as family members, so don’t be surprised when Rishu remembers your dietary preferences, dining preferences, or your last order…even if you don’t! She wants you to go home with happy  and fond memories of your time at Azafran. 

If it’s your first time in, welcome! Rishu recommends you try the Masala Lamb Chops paired with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Saurav Mehta
Chef de Cuisine

Saurav is your Chef de Cuisine and the creative mastermind behind the thoughtful reimagining of your regional Indian classics. Saurav’s earliest cooking memories are even before he held a knife, when preparing delicious meals was a family affair: his father went to the market to pick fresh product and his mother cooked for the entire family. Since then, Chef was inspired to become a chef, serving memorable meals for and sharing his culture with our guests. And some of his creations were inspired by his mother.

Chef loves preparing Azafran’s many one-of-a-kind dishes and authentic Indian dishes. For him it is a yoga-like experience, an opportunity to be present and and make sure every meal that is served is perfect. It may take a bit, so enjoy a glass of wine. Chef believes you deserve a meal made the right way, with the right ingredients – no compromise. He is passionate about creating, cooking and serving authentic Indian food.

For Chef,  your meal should be an experience, an experience you cherish.

Ready to experience Chef’s favorite dish? Saurav recommends the Chicken Hariyali Lazzatdar with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

The best Indian Food in town, hands down!

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